Tuesday, January 13, 2009

:: ItS aLL abOUt LOVE ::

someone asked me wot is love..is it good,is it bad??
is it awesome, is it terrible..??
I honestly didnt know how to answer them..
I finally decided love is the most complicated of all emotions..
Love is kind
love is harshsoo
love is wonderful
love is terrible
love is a cure
love is a sickness
love is LOVE
love is hate
love is meaningful
love is pointless
love shows the best in people
love shows the worse in people
love makes us speak truth
love makes us lie
love understands everything
love confuses everyone
love builds your life
love tears your heart down
love makes you smile
love makes you cry
love makes us cuddle
love makes us hit
love makes the world go round
love makes the world go crashing down
love makes things simple
love makes things impossible
love is always worth it
love is never worth it
love makes us smarter
love makes us stupid
love is enlightening!
love is BLIND
make love not war
make war out of love
love encourages
love scares
love is peaceful
love creates fights
love is soothing
love is tough

...and above all
Love is always worth it
because you become a better person
everytime you love someone
from the simplest caring for a friend
to the deepest desire to love someone til the world ends
from the unconditional love of a child
to the complicated love of the gods
there is...no meaning to love
love means...everything

No matter how much it hurts you, or makes you cry
tries your sprit, and splits your soul.
Love is always worth it...because what doesnt kill you
makes you stronger
And however long it takes
you will be, a better person because you lived, though love.
Werent afraid to make mistakes, choices and try again.
And...above all, loved someone no matter what people thought.
You would die for that person...but you would also live for them.
That...is the true meaning of love...

Friday, October 19, 2007

::: gOOd bYe :::

im leavin to lanka fo somtym..actualy im gonna fulfil a promise to ONE OF MY VERY BEST FRIEND FIFI!!!

im visitin her fo few days..so im realli hapii

im just waving a gudbye for now..its not a gudbye for ever ingey..
im gonna post here once in a lifetime viyas but i wont quit bloggin INSHA ALLAH!!

and i promise to complete one of d main aim i creatd dis blogii..its a promise..

i hope u guys wil be countin fo da..

thanks for d care n love u ol r givin me :D

Sunday, October 14, 2007

::: I WANNA BE :::

i wana b d gal hu he is scared to lose..
d one where he (can't) walk away..
knowin she loves him more dan anythn..
the one hu cant sleep without her voice being d last1 he hears

the one whom he cant LIVE WITHOUT...!!

Friday, October 12, 2007




Monday, October 1, 2007

:: i dunno a name fo dis...::

did any1 amoung us believe in first sight love?!

im d most dumbst,stupid,weird ... thinkin person under dis blue sky..i swear im..
i realy donno y im dis way..?!
i never believe dat any1 cud fall in love wit some1 at d first sight.
i never wantd to have a moment like dat in my life..cux i kne its gona ruin my life..some ppl doesnt realy mean to dream..
n i either didnt kno how it realy works..but just till dat nyt..
i dunno how i had a moment like da n never believe..?!
dunno i how i felt so deep for a stranger i met randomly jus once..
i dunno how i shud mark dat..i mean if its my luck or fate..
i shud hav control for my feelings..but..
he was d guy my mind always had been drawin..
d perfect mr. of mine i always want to be was like him..
was him d guy my mind always use to draw?!
i gave him my HEART.. only lookin at his eyes..

how can i dream of ppl whom i can never be wit..?!
how can any1 love som1 like dis?!
how can som1 fall in love wit a stranger in first sight?!!
am i in love or mayb just like?!!
dis thought of mine is disturbin me....
help me,i really hav no idea how to come out from dis..im confused
i need help..pls